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Request to Resume In-Person Operations

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Checklist for Resumption of UVM In-Person Operations

To assist and guide in the preparation of the department or activity’s plan, please be sure the plan addresses the following:

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1. Monitor Personnel
1a. There is a process for verifying daily that each     employee is free of COVID-19 symptoms

1b. There is a supervisor identified to be available who will review the employee reported symptoms and      enforce stay-at-home requirements for persons with symptoms and persons at increased COVID-19 Risk

1c. If you hire an outside contractor or vendor to be    on-site, they have signed the necessary agreement through UVM Purchasing Services and agreed to    comply with all provisions.

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2. Cleaning and Hygiene Procedures

              2a. Handwashing facilities or appropriate hand sanitizers are available.

              2b. Areas have been identified that personnel will regularly clean including the frequency.
2c. The plan includes requirements for face coverings and includes a communication plan about the requirement.
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3. Reduce Potential for Transmitting COVID-19

3a. Appropriate personnel been identified that can continue to work remotely.

3b. Workspaces have adequate room for people to maintain 6’ spacing.

3c. Schedules have been adjusted to reduce number of concurrent personnel in a space.

                      3d. There are controls in place that provide adequate protection for personnel (signange, plexiglass barriers, etc.)

            3e. Job tasks have been assessed and assigned appropriate personal protective equipment.

        3f. Common touchpoints have been eliminated, or reduced and a cleaning/disinfection procedure developed.

        3g. There are adequate procedures for cleaning and disinfecting shared workspaces and equipment, such as breakrooms, kitchenettes, printers, copiers, reception spaces, and othe spaces and equipment. 

3h. There are adequate procedures to ensure regular cleaning and disinfecting of, and minimize congregating in, break areas, lunch areas, and other common areas.

(This question is mandatory)
4. Inform Personnel and Enforce Procedures
4a. All personnel have completed the UVM COVID-19 Protecting Community Health & Safety training.
4b. There is a process to inform all personnel of the specifics of the plan and requirements including any necessary training.
4c. If PPE is required, appropriate training is included and there is a means of documenting completion of training.
                 4d. There is a process to inform all personnel of reporting requirements if they become at increased COVID-19 Risk.
Resumption of In-Person Operations Plan
Submit completed UVM Resumption of In-Person Operations Plan, along with any additional files, for review by the UVM Health, Safety and Resumption of In-Person Operations Committee.