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Marcia Caldwell Award 2018

Each year, at the Community Celebration, the Marcia Caldwell Award is presented to a deserving faculty or staff member that has exhibited outstanding dedication and contributions to the students of the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. We will recognize the 2018 awardee on May 4.

Past awardees are not included among the choices below. These include:  Breck Bowden, Margaret Burke, Tony D'Amato, Jon Erickson, Clare Ginger, Matt Kolan, Ellen Marsden, Jed Murdoch, Walter Poleman, Jennifer Pontius, Emilie Riddle, Amy Seidl, Anna Smiles-Becker, Allan Strong, Marie Vea-Fagnant, and Justin Waskiewicz.

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ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES: Cecilia Danks; Brendan Fisher; Rachelle Gould; Adrian Ivakhiv; Trish O'Kane; Bindu Panikkar; Rick Paradis; Nate Sanders; Christine Vatovec  

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: Carol Adair; Aimee Classen; Gillian Galford;  Gary Hawley; Mindy Morales-Williams; Taylor Ricketts; Eric Roy; Kris Stepenuck; Jason Stockwell; Clay Williams

FORESTRY: Yurij Bihun; Jeffrey Hughes; Bill Keeton;  Kimberly Wallin  

NATURAL RESOURCES: Michael Blouin; Zachary Ispa-Landa; Deb Markowitz; Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne; Curt Ventriss; Brian Voigt; Lini Wollenberg;

PARKS, RECREATION AND TOURISM: Dave Kaufman; Walter Kuentzel; Patricia Stokowski; David Raphael  

WILDLIFE AND FISHERIES BIOLOGY: Terri Donovan; Dean Nancy Mathews; Michael McDonald; Donna Parrish  

RESEARCH STAFF: Ernie Buford; James Duncan; Alexandra Kosiba; Sean MacFaden; Elissa Schuett; 

ADMINISTRATIVE  STAFF: Noah Ahles; Ingrid Barcelo; Jackie Bruning; Heather Bullet;  Steve Cluett; Theresa DeBarge; Ashley Eaton; Rose Feenan;  Carolyn Goodwin Kueffner; Shari Halik; Seth O’Brien; Deb McAdoo; Danielle Moore; Anna Royar; Sarah O'Sullivan; Miriam Pendleton; Rory Shamlian; Sarah Sprayregen; Amelia Tarren; Emil Tsao; Cathy Trivieres; Ralph Tursini; Kathleen Wells; Francesca Werenko; Ibit Wright; Laura Yayac

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