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Spending Idle Time On Your Device

Welcome! If you have made your way to this link in order to complete this survey, we appreciate you taking 2-10 minutes out of your day to answer our questions. 

The purpose of this study is to understand the extent to which UVM students are using their digital devices during idle time in their lives. This could be, waiting for a class to start, sitting on the bus, or even walking from one place to another.

All of the information you give us in this survey will be kept anonymous and will not be published but it will not be confidential--we will be sharing the results with our classmates and professor. We are doing this as an exercise to learn survey and questionnaire so we would really appreciate if you could help us with this assignment by simply filling out the survey.

Thanks again and we hope you have fun with it!

Our emails:  Katya Rudnik: katya.rudnik@uvm.edu; Jack Braunstein: Jack.Braunstein@uvm.edu 

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