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L/L Mural Theme Submissions

Greetings UVM,
   The El Salvador mural that lines the L/L concourse walkway is in the  process of being updated. For those that are not aware, three murals  are on the wall, with the El Salvador mural in between the Earth Day  and 9/11 murals. We recognize that the El Salvador mural has been a  mainstay of the UVM community for over twenty years and that many  people feel a strong connection to the mural. However, because of  its age the mural shows significant signs of wear, which is why it  has become the focus of the efforts of an SGA Ad-Hoc committee  collaborating with L/L staff. There is a major opportunity for community  input in this process. Our goal is to facilitate  the creation of a powerful and beautiful mural that the community values, respects, and feels connected to, as was the case with the El  Salvador mural at the time of its creation.
      The SGA Ad-Hoc Committee is seeking community participation in this  process. We plan to fashion this project into a four-step contest,  open to the UVM community, in order to get as much community input  as possible with regards to updating the mural.  For the first step  of our process we will gather ideas about what the theme of the new  mural should be. Once these themes aresubmitted and similar themes are combined, we will publish a poll  whereby members of the UVM community will vote on the themes that  were submitted. Once the theme for the mural is selected, we will  solicit art submissions that are relevant to the theme that was  chosen. After receiving those submissions, the UVM community will be  able to vote on them to determine which design is best suited to represent our University. The design that gets the most votes in this last poll will ultimately be what  appears on the L/L wall for years to come. Once a design has  been chosen by the UVM community, the SGA committee will work with  the artist to plan the actual painting of the mural. Once the  painting of the new mural is planned out, the El Salvador mural will  be removed and the painting of the new mural will commence.
    At this time we would like to move forward with this process by  initiating the first step. We welcome all ideas for themes for the  new mural. We ask that the proposed themes have a strong appeal to  our community and to the world in which we live, and that they have  a powerful message as did the El Salvador mural.
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