University of Vermont

FECC Student Ambassador Survey Questions

Please provide your First Name
Please provide your Last Name
Please provide your Preferred Name
What is your Academic year?
 Freshman, Sophomore...
What is your Major (Concentration)?
What is your preferred email address?
What is your preffered phone number?
Were you previously an ambassador for FECC 2013 or 2014?
Would you be available all day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (January 6th-10th) to coordinate this event?

Would you be available and willing to help organize and set up Kalkin Monday, January 5th?
Would you be able to meet for 1-2 training sessions before the event?
 Either on campus or virtually
Would you be able to wear business professional attire throughout the event?
Are you fluent in other languages besides English?  Please list them

Would you need housing accommodations during these five days before the start of the spring semester? (Rooms will be available for ambassadors at the Burlington Hilton but you would not be required to stay there)

Why are you interested in being a part of the Family Enterprise Case Competition?