University of Vermont

S H I I T A K E   M U S H R O O M   B U Y E R   S  U R V E Y

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We are conducting a survey of restaurant and grocery store owners in the northeast in order to estimate the demand for forest-grown shiitake mushrooms.  Your response and time is greatly appreciated.  Thank you! 

 What kind of establishment do you represent? 
Grocery Store
Do you buy/use shiitake mushrooms?
Yes, very regularly
Yes, but not on a regular basis
Yes, but hardly ever
 If fresh, locally grown shiitake mushrooms were available at a fair price and delivered regularly, would you be interested in purchasing more? 
Highly interested
Moderatly interested
Somewhat interested
Slightly interested
Not interested
 Are you aware of the differences between log-grown shiitake and sawdust grown shiitake?   
 Are you interested in staying informed about the potential development of a shiitake mushroom network or association?