Design It, Pitch It, Fab It

Pitch entry form for the October 9th 2019 Design It,  Pitch It, Fab It event.

Hi makers!

Do you have a product in early stage development that could benefit from a solid engineering push? Are you in need of a prototype that your customers can touch, feel and experience?

Join UVM’s Instrumentation and Technical Services Core Facility and the Office of the Vice President for Research for an evening of invention and ingenuity. Dubbed Design It, Pitch It, Fab It! this fast and interactive evening of pitches is aimed at exciting ITS to collaborate with you on your idea.


Design It, Pitch It, Fab It will take place at UVM Alumni House, October 9th from 5:30pm-8:00pm.  The deadline for submitted entries is the 4th of October.




Complete this Survey and


Prepare a pitch deck of Five (5) slides that includes:

Brief intoduction to your product and yourself


    What is your project/why is it important?

    Design the design and progress so far.

    Provide pictures or drawing of existing prototype (or actual prototype) to demonstrate the design, outline materials needed, and to show scale.

    What is stopping your progress?

    How can IMF help - describe the specifics of what services you need from IMF.




Populate a product description and share the link for your pitch deck. Applications will be denied without the pitch. You will receive an email from the competition hosts when you are accepted to the PITCH OFF. Pitch your product in 5 MINS or less to a panel of invited judges. Award decisions will be made that night, on the spot, by a panel of judges.




Pitches will be judged for their:






At the end of the evening, the best ideas will be awarded up to $5,000 in materials and services by ITS through the UVM Office of the Vice President for Research to develop a working prototype of their project.

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