University of Vermont

CAS Capital Campaign Priorities

As the University prepares for the next Comprehensive Capital Campaign, the College has an opportunity to participate by submitting a prioritized list of initiatives for which we seek donor funding. These priorities are due from the college in early January 2012 and I am seeking input from all CAS faculty and staff so that we can have the broadest pool of suggestions from which we can put forward the strongest proposals.

I am requesting that faculty, staff, departments, and programs develop proposals for consideration as part of the College's submission of Capital Campaign priorities. In order to ensure full consideration, proposals must be submitted by the end of business, Monday, November 21st. All submissions will be reviewed by the CAS Academic Policy and Budget Committee (APBC), and I will submit ranked proposals, based in part on their recommendations, as part of the University selection process by January 4, 2012.

What are we looking for? Proposals should be for financial support of PEOPLE and/or PROGRAMS that will either enhance their regional, national or international prominence or bring to them to regional, national or international prominence. Alignment with one or more of the initiatives identified as part of the Strategic Initiatives Project (SIP - should be a consideration in structuring your proposal(s), as this will be part of the post-College evaluation process. Proposals should not be submitted requesting support for capital construction (e.g., major renovation or new construction of an entire building); there is a separate process for these projects. In addition, proposals should not be submitted requesting support for basic operating functions of a current department or program.

There are 25 questions in this survey.