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I-Team Request for Technical Assistance 2015-2016

Our Vision: Every child and youth in Vermont, who requires intensive special education is welcome in their class and community, is taught well, and has access to needed resources for a quality education.

Our Mission: To assist local teams of families, educators, and other service providers in the delivery of quality educational services to students with intensive educational needs through technical assistance, professional development, support for systems change, and family support services and/or other consultation services.

Process for I-Team Request for Technical Assistance:

  1. Parent Permissions: Local Education Agency (LEA) Representative communicates with parent/guardian about the purpose, nature, and availability of I-Team consultation services. If the parent consents to I-Team consultation services, the LEA reviews the Parent Permission for I-Team Services Form and ensures that the parent(s) sign the form.
  2. Additional Forms: The LEA Representative sends additional forms (i.e. Parent Permission for I-Team Services Form, Student Schedule, and Student IEP) to the I-Team using the Confidential Fax number or mailing address listed below if they do not choose to include electronic versions of these forms within the survey.
  3. I-Team Processing: The I-Team processes the Request for Technical Assistance Form and the Parent Permission for I-Team Services Form, checking to ensure all required consents and information have been submitted and confirming that the student qualifies for I-Team services, then sends out the Consultative Services Agreement to the LEA with a copy also sent to the case manager.
  4. Agreement Signatures: The Consultative Services Agreement spells out the consultation responsibilities of the I-Team and the LEA.
    1. I-Team submits a Consultative Services Agreement to the LEA.
    2. The LEA signs the Consultative Services Agreement and returns it to the I-Team at the address below.
    3. The LEA encloses a copy of the student’s current IEP reflecting provision of I-Team consultation services as stated under the Consultative Services Agreement.
  5. Schedule Initial Visit: An I-Team Educational Consultant contacts the student’s case manager to schedule technical assistance or consultation services.

I-Team Contact Information:

Mailing Address:

VT I-Team, UVM CDCI, 317 Mann Hall
208 Colchester Ave
Burlington, VT 05405  

Contact Phone Numbers:

Darren McIntyre (I-Team Director): 802-656-1132
I-Team General Assistance Line: 802-656-7122

Confidential Fax:

Attn: I-Team

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