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UVM Retired Faculty & Administrative Officers Survey

Greetings Colleagues!

The purpose of this survey is to obtain information from members of the UVM Retired Faculty and Administrative Officers (RFAO) so as to enhance services to our members as well as to provide opportunities for involvement in the Association. It will take an estimated 10-15  minutes to complete this survey. We are interested in collecting only group data, and all individual responses are considered confidential.

We hope you are well and enjoying your retirement!


Jack McCormack

President, UVM-RFAO

There are 14 questions in this survey.
This survey is anonymous.

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     1. Please indicate your gender:
    2.  Please indicate your status at the time of retirement from UVM:
     3. Please indicate the year that you retired from UVM.
Residency of Members
     4. Do you reside in Vermont for any portion of the year?
     5. Please indicate which state(s) or country (outside the U.S.) where you reside, then, go to question 9.
     6. In which Vermont county do you reside?
     7. Are you a year-round resident of Vermont?
     8. Please indicate the months in which you live in Vermont.
     9. Estimate the number of times per year when you visit the UVM campus or Burlington area. If your answer is 0, please go to question 11.
    10. Indicate the general times of the year when you generally visit the UVM campus.
    11. How long does it take you to drive from your residence(s) to the UVM campus?
      12. We welcome comments and suggestions on how the UVM-RFAO can improve service to you.
RFAO website
     13. How often to you visit the UVM-RFAO website?
     14. Please give us any comments or suggestions on how we can make the website better meet your needs.