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Public Health Projects - Faculty Mentor Assessment

Public Health Projects - Course Objectives

  1. Synthesize knowledge of public health learned through actions in the community.
  2. Describe and apply basic public health research methods.
  3. Identify and apply self-directed approaches to learning that include receiving and giving feedback, critical thinking, and self-assessment procedures.
  4. Demonstrate professional attitudes and behaviors including integrity, respect, courtesy and confidentiality.
  5. Communicate effectively with diverse people, collaborate with members of a diverse group or team to achieve common goals, and manage conflict in ways that respect those involved and promote problem-solving.
  6. Identify aspects of culture and diversity in the community and demonstrate sensitivity and responsiveness to others’ culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, education, income, and disabilities.
  7. Apply principles of public health research to develop and complete a research project addressing a public health issue identified by the community.
  8. Create and present a poster summarizing a research project.
  9. Devise practical approaches to improve health in our community.
  10. Identify connections between improving health in individual patients and in entire populations.


Please review the students' self and peer assessments. Please answer whether students are achieving satisfactory proficiency in each area below. Please make sure project work is consistent with IRB requirements.

In keeping with research guidelines, please remind students to keep originals so they can return them when the project is complete:

  • Original paper surveys (or interviews) must be returned to Jessie Raven in the Office of Medical Student Education (OMSE).
  • A copy of the original data summary (e.g. spreadsheets) must be uploaded to the “Original Data” folder in each group’s Microsoft Teams folder.


You may fill out one form for your entire group if you are certain all students in your group are meeting all requirements. You should provide feedback about specific suggestions for improvement for the second half of the course during one of your regular group meetings the second or third week of October, such that students have time for improvements.

Please email Dr. Carney ( if you have concerns about the progress of individual students or your entire group.

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