University of Vermont

SL Course Designation Request Survey

To request the "SL" designation for your UVM course, please fill out this survey.  You may designate a course up to one week before the first day of classes, but we highly recommend doing so before online registration for your course begins.  If your course is approved as an SL course, the online listings for your course will include "SL" in the course name.  The "SL" will also appear on student transcripts.

Service-Learning TA REQUESTS:
Please contact Tom Wilson if you are interested in working with an SLTA in your service-learning course.  We generally place SLTA's LATE IN THE SEMESTER PRIOR to a course, but you are welcome to check with Tom after that deadline.  

Students receive academic credit or a stipend for serving as an SLTA (up to 5 hrs/week). Typically the most successful SLTAs are strong students from previous iterations of the course.


For courses which are always service-learning whenever they are taught, you may request a "permanent" designation status.  We will automatically designate these each semester, after confirming with you by email. Please contact Susan ( if you think this applies to your course, and let us know the full course listing and the semester it is typically taught. 

If you have any questions about the designation process, please feel free to contact us at or 802-656-0095.   Thank you!