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A Statewide Survey of Response to Instruction

You are being invited to take part in a research study because you are a principal at one of Vermont’s public schools.

This study is being conducted by a research team associated with the Department of Education and the James Jeffords Center at the University of Vermont. The Vermont Department of Education is in support of this study, although it is not involved in any data collection, analysis or reporting activities. We are inviting principals in each of Vermont’s public schools to participate.

As you may know, RtI is a framework for organizing practices in assessment and instruction to better meet the needs of all students. While there is information regarding the extent to which the approach is being used at elementary schools in Vermont, we are less certain of its implementation at the middle and high school levels. The results of this study will be used to assist in future planning and professional development efforts.  

If you decide that you would like to participate in the study, you will be asked to complete the on-line survey included in this email. The survey consists of 38 items and should take about 10 minutes to complete.  The questions ask you to rate the degree to which you believe your school is implementing a variety of practices that have been linked to the RtI framework, including practices in assessment, instruction, and curriculum; and supports available to support learners who are struggling to meet standards. There are also some places where you may add your own comments.

There may be no direct benefit to you for participating; however, other individuals and schools may benefit by knowing more about the degree to which the model is currently being implemented in Vermont, and what steps might be taken to expand implementation.

A potential risk to participation in this study is the possibility for a breach of confidentiality. However, this will be addressed in a number of ways. First, the research team will only know the name of your supervisory union.  A code will be assigned to your survey response and any identifiable information (including your and your school’s name) will be removed. Data will be kept in a locked office in a secure location and will be password protected. Following completion of data analysis, all data will be destroyed.

Your participation in this study is fully voluntary and you may choose not to participate.

The results of the study may be published, but all responses will be reported in the aggregate.  The information obtained during this study is confidential and your identity will remain anonymous in any publications.

If you have any questions concerning your participation please contact Katharine Shepherd, Ed.D., or George Salembier, Ed.D., co-Principal Investigators, at (802) 656-1348. Email addresses: Katharine.Shepherd@uvm.edu and George.Salembier@uvm.edu.

Questions concerning your rights as a participant in this research can be directed to Nancy Stalnaker, Director of the Research Protections Office at the University of Vermont, by calling (802) 656-5040.

Your consent to participate is implied upon the completion of the survey.

There are 39 questions in this survey.